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Role of Visiting Staff

Responsibility for the Group

During your stay at Lledr Hall the centre staff will make sure the participants are kept safe on activity sessions including during their travel to and from venues. Visiting staff will also have an important role in this by making sure that group members are supervised if Lledr Hall staff need to leave the immediate location, for example when setting up an activity. We therefore require at least one adult member of staff to accompany each activity group, of no more than 12 children.

Some of our activities will require visiting staff to take part in the activities as they involve a certain journey element, it is therefore important that staff are physically fit enough to do so. If there is a reason why a member of staff cannot participate in a certain activity there may be chance for leaders to swap groups or for an additional member of centre staff to accompany them at an extra charge.

It is the responsibility of visiting staff to keep the participants safe and ensure their health and wellbeing during times when Lledr Hall staff are not there, for example during the evening and night time. We operate an on call system where one of the Lledr Hall teaching staff will be available at any time day or night to assist you in the event of an emergency. You will be notified at the beginning of your course who that will be and the procedure for getting in touch with them.

The Lledr Hall staff do not stay overnight in the centre. This means visiting staff must take responsibility for the group until a member of the teaching team arrives (usually at about 8am).

Other Responsibilities

At the beginning of your stay you will be briefed on the centre systems and procedures including meal time routines and duties that need to be carried out by staff and pupils during your stay.

We want your stay at Lledr Hall to run as smoothly as possible and for visiting staff to feel that they have had sufficient down time so it is important to discuss any issues with your Lledr Hall group leader.

Visiting staff getting involved in outdoor activities

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