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Information for Parents

We understand that as a parent or carer you might be concerned for your child sending them away on an outdoor adventurous residential. We want to reassure you that your child will be in very safe hands. All the staff are experts in this field of education and are highly qualified, with years of experience.

Lledr Hall has been a Salford establishment for almost 40 years and in that time tens of thousands of Salford people have stayed with us, you may even know someone who has been. The city council have supported us financially in all that time, even in these current tough times. This means we are able to charge a lower rate than the true cost, so the price we charge represents excellent value for money.

Our accident record is extremely good, with only the normal bumps and bruises you would expect from everyday living. Every aspect of what we do has been checked and planned for. This does not mean that there is no risk involved on our courses but instead, the level of risk is controlled and the children will have been well prepared for the risks they take. In that way they overcome meaningful challenges and grow and develop in life changing ways.

Our staff will work with your child throughout their stay at the Centre. This means they will get to know them and be able to recognise early if they show any signs of uncertainty or fear. This will then be addressed in a caring and compassionate way. We will take into account any medical or personal needs your child has that the group leader has passed on to us. Your child will be well fed with plenty of tasty healthy food and will get enough rest, ensuring they have lots of energy to make the most of their visit.

You will have received a kit list from school listing what clothing to bring. We spend lots of time outdoors but provide all the specialist kit needed, so there’s no need to go and buy anything special. The amount of clothing will depend on the time of year but hard wearing old clothes are best. There is no need to bring valuables or electronic devices – we don’t have keys for the bedrooms or a safe for students and we can’t guarantee that items won’t get broken.
Any lost property left at the centre after a course will be kept for one month.  After this time any cameras will be destroyed and any clothing will be given to charity.  

If you have any concerns or questions that can’t be answered by your school staff then please give us a call at the Centre, we’re happy to help.

Outdoor education in a safe controlled environment for children of all ages
Safety is of paramount importance in all our activities
Your child's safety and wellbeing is our number one priority

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