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The catering staff at Lledr Hall are dedicated to serving high quality tasty food, providing a balanced and nutritious diet essential for the energy requirements of the activities. In October 2023 the Centre’s catering service was inspected by the food standards agency where we achieved the highest award of Level 5 ‘Very Good’ in the food hygiene rating scheme.

All the nationally identified healthy eating recommendations have been adopted by Lledr Hall, including:

  • Recipes to reduce fat, salt and sugar and increase fibre, fruit and vegetables whilst keeping meals appealing to consumers especially when they are children.
  • Providing a balanced diet with plenty of variety.
  • Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which are cooked on site every day.
  • Special dietary requirements are catered for e.g. halal, kosher, vegetarian, dietary intolerances.
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables and salad are provided daily.
  • Drinking water, fresh milk and sugar free squash are available every day.
  • Increased use of foods with high fibre.

We have a no sweets policy for our school and youth groups but during the course we provide plenty of home-made cakes and snacks.

A typical day’s menu at Lledr Hall

A selection of cereals, juice and yoghurts followed by a cooked breakfast and plenty of toast are served everyday at 8.15am.

A packed lunch is provided every day. Everyone gets a water bottle for use during the activities and lunch time.

Evening Meal
A two course meal is served, usually at 5.30pm.

Home-made cake or snack and juice or water.

We also provide snacks and refreshments while out on activity or in the Centre, including hot chocolate or juice and biscuits.

Special Diets

We have a wealth of experience in providing meals for all sorts of allergies and intolerances. We ask for dietary requirements on the booking forms but we are also very happy to discuss any special needs with parents or schools and organise a pre-visit meeting if necessary.

Dining room at Lledr Hall OEC

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