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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport and North Wales has plenty of crags for all abilities to explore. Beginners can start with some bouldering which involves climbing at a low level on rock that you can safely jump off when you need to, eliminating the need for ropes and harnesses.

At Lledr Hall we have our own small crag on site and also plenty of activities that involve using the same techniques as rock climbing. These can be used to introduce the skills you will need before heading out onto something a bit more challenging in the surrounding area.

Snowdonia National Park also has many classic climbing routes in the mountains where our staff can lead you to the top of a mountain the exciting way!

As part of this session you can also try abseiling. This is where you control your own descent down a rope off a vertical drop, for example, down a rock face. Don't worry you are attached to a safety rope too.


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