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About Lledr Hall OEC

This part of the website will give you lots of information about our Centre and the service we offer.

It tells you who the staff are, what certificates and awards we hold, why we do what we do, how we ensure all our visitors stay safe and where we are located. There is a little about the history of the Centre and its relationship to Salford City Council.

The management of Lledr Hall is overseen by a Steering Group. This group is chaired by the City of Salford's elected councillor who has responsibility for Children's Services. Sitting on the committee are 3 other elected councillors, 3 Salford Primary School head teachers, a Primary School Education Visits Co-ordinator, the Centre's line manager from Children's Services and the Head of Centre. The committee meet once a term. The terms of reference of this Steering Group are attached below.

One of the founder members and chairman of this group for many years was Councillor Bernard Pennington. Councillor Pennington was a strong supporter of the Centre and the work we do with Salford’s young people. In 2000 he was the City Millennium Mayor and in that year donated to Lledr Hall a compass graphic that was painted onto the tarmac in front of the main building. This served for many years as a focal point for games, activities and as a teaching resource. Unfortunately over time it deteriorated and a few years ago we had to clean off the remaining parts. In 2017 Bernard sadly passed away and so as a tribute to him we commissioned a brand new compass. There is an image of this new compass in the pictures on the right of this page.

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