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Lledr Hall has proudly had Eco Centres status for over two years now and we are pleased to say that the centre, the grounds and the staff are all taking the eco way of life as the norm. As part of a course at Lledr Hall all groups are asked to recycle, compost and save electricity where possible.

The children are responsible for taking lunch compost to the outside compost bins. At the end of a course pupils also help with all the internal recycling ready for collection by the caretaker or the council.

It has become very noticeable that groups now see recycling and composting at Lledr Hall as a normal part of centre life and they take pride in their jobs. Our recycling points within the building have been revamped and we now have colour coded internal bins at two different locations within the building for Paper, Plastic, Card and Cans.

We have also introduced food recycling bins in the kitchen and dining room so all food waste can be collected by the council for recycling into compost.

Conwy Borough Council collects our waste and due to our volume of recycling and composting we have been able to reduce our general waste bins from 2 x 660ltr bins to 1 x 660ltr bin.

Being an eco-centre is not just about recycling, composting and saving energy but also about developing and conserving the building and grounds. We have had the paths within the low ropes course and up to the high ropes course improved to reduce the effects of erosion and we now have a new gate down to the river to improve boat movement to and from trailers. It also allows groups to move more freely from the garden to the river on activities.

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